Friday, August 10, 2007

Welcome to the Catholic Beer Review

Welcome to the Catholic Beer Review, a blog for Catholics (and all others, of course) who love their beer. I am David Palm, your blogmaster and president of the Catholic Beer Review.

CBR was formed by a few guys who share a love of great beer and started comparing tasting notes.
Beer may seem a mundane topic to those who don't venture far beyond the "tinted waters"—as the late Michael Davies (RIP) referred to the Budweisers and Miller Lites of the world. But in fact this drink is endlessly fascinating. Ostensibly it contains just malt, water, yeast, and hops. But the permutations that exist within just those basic ingredients are legion.

Beer also holds a venerable place in our Catholic history, with some of the greatest breweries in the world being founded and run by Catholic monks.

CBR is a forum for tasting notes, beer history and trivia, and information about crafting your own tasty brew. And since we are traditionally-minded Catholics here, it's important to throw in a little Latin lingo. Our motto is simple: De gustibus non est disputandum, colloquially translated, "There's no disputing matters of taste."

À votre santé!


chestertonian said...

Welcome to blogdom, David!

Excellent idea for a blog. I just got my own blog, The Blue Boar, off the ground in August as well. I'm going to post a link to the Catholic Beer Review. If you quote Michael Davies favorably, then you are a-ok in my book. Cheers!

btw, were you aware that Michael Jackson (the Beer Hunter) died in August?

Mk0101 said...

from a fellow Catholic beer brewer, glad to see this blog!

gotta list your favorite brews and recipes.

Franklin said...

Great blog! I make wine myself, but I have been thinking of trying a batch of beer this fall.

I'd like to see an expose on why Italians don't brew great beers.

Or what is Baffo Moretti hiding behind that mustachio!!!

You Tubed said...


I was born in Pahl Germany and am Catholic and know about the breweries in Munich and other parts of Germany. I am wanting to write a book to sell online and wonder if you or your friends know of a monk brewery in Pahl? I thought I had heard a rumor in early childhood that there was one there...but maybe it is Munich? Thanks much.

NJ Paust

You Tubed said...

P.S. The Italians don't brew a great beer because they are the #1 importers of German beer! This is according to the German beer industry data...(if need be I can root it out for you). *s*

cs said...

Very nice! My friend, Chestertonian and Solidarity Organizer, Tom Laney from Colfax, WI sent me the link. Great Job!

Is there a links section?

Anonymous said...

Hi, fellow beer lovers!

I am a homebrewer, and a fan of beer. Gluteny is one thing, but brewing the perfect pint is another. I am a Catholic and a Knight of Columbus, and sincerely praise GOD above for the bounty we enjoy. IMAGINE the pints in Paradise!!! CHEERS!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All Brewers
Love the Blog. I am a homebrewing catholic teacher in Australia. Brew for winter and summer. I always like the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy"

Anonymous said...

We are having a Chili Cook-off with homebrew at St
Francis Catholic Church in Whitesboro Tx November 10,
2012. We are looking for fellow homebrewers to join us.
No regulations...just fun and fellowship. Any
one interested please contact me. My name is Gordon
Theall. I am the Men's Club President. My email is Would love to have homebrew
tastings to compare!